3 considerations before outsourcing staff

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

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“Many hands make light work” goes the saying. Outsourcing, when done effectively with the right people supporting you, enables you to shift up to another gear in your businesses scope, management, CRM, output and (ultimately) profitability. But before you go and search for outsourcing contacts to take care of every little facet of your business operations, there are a few points to consider:

What is the main goal of your company?

You need to have a clear idea of your main company goals, short-term and mid-term at least, so that you understand what aspects of your business operations are most likely to require outsourcing. If you outsource work that isn’t relevant towards achieving the main goals of your company, you’ll waste money on a distraction. Not only that, but it means you have one more person you need to follow up with, one more contact to spend time on in regards to training, collaboration and reviewing-without the ultimate return on investment that you seek.

What parts of your business would you outsource?

This follows on, naturally, from point #1. What needs to be outsourced and what can you (or your existing team) continue doing yourself? Taking into consideration your main company goals, you want to also make a list of all the current operations and services within your company- then the operations/ services that you will require as your company gets closer towards reaching the main goal. Of all these (existing and proposed), what roles will make your business operations more efficient if you outsource them? Of the 3 considerations before outsourcing staff, this step is most crucial to determining who you need and where you need them.

What are the skill levels of the people you need to hire?

To ensure that your company operations enjoy the smoothest transition after you’ve decided upon the roles that require outsourcing, you then want to make a reasonable estimate of the skill level required of your new outsourcing recruits. The more suited their skill level (and experience) is to the tasks that will be required of them, the less time you need to spend training them- and following up on their progress in the weeks and months to follow. If you need a web designer or developer, what programs do they need to be fluent in using? If an accounts person do they need to be able to process your BAS? Taking the time to accurately gauge these factors will save you time after you make the transition- which in turn will enable your company to increase output and efficiency sooner.


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