About us

Australian Owned

  • AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions is 100% Australian owned and operated.
  • We provide a cultural and managerial bridge to ensure that your initial and long term needs are understood and met.
  • Our local Australian team have expertise in HR Management, Recruitment and Change management
  • All invoicing is in Australian Dollars (AUD), to be paid into a local Australian bank account (no foreign exchange requirements)
  • You manage your offshore team member; we manage everything else.

Time and great people are your most valuable business resources.

It can feel impossible to create more of one, and challenging to find and keep the other.

But if you look outside the box, you can do both.

AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions sits ‘outside the box’ because we offer contract and permanent staffing solutions with a difference.

We set you up with a highly qualified, highly skilled contract or permanent team member (or small team) who can work the hours you need and deliver the results you’re after.

The difference is in where and how they work.

The difference is offshore staffing.