What We Do

At AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions we are committed to quality, we only recruit the best and we guarantee* every position.

We’re here for businesses that don’t need a large offshore team or even a full-time offshore staff member. We’re here if you might need a top-notch team member with specialist skills, and we find these team members in the competitively-priced offshoring hub of the Philippines.

With offshore staffing you can:

  • save approximately 65 – 75% per cent of total costs of setting up a new staff member or small team (a huge saving!)
  • meet business goals and boost productivity by having extra staff working in specialist roles for your business
  • access expertise and specialist skills (such as SEO, website design and accounting) on a more flexible basis, without having to hire a full-time staff member to perform these functions
  • get the edge over your competitors as you strategically expand your business, increase profitability and enhance service delivery without the crushing costs
  • transition your business model to include a dedicated offshore team, and free yourself and your team from the labour intensive work eroding your margins.

Offshoring is a worldwide business practice that’s working—and it could easily work for you too.

You manage your staff member; we manage everything else. We are with you every step of the way and we’re particularly good at what we do. Here’s why:

  1. We’re the personal interface between you and your offshore staff.

    We’re always your first point of contact for coordinating and administering your offshoring staffing solution, and we build a strong relationship with you, as well as with your team. We walk with you through the process and then help you to manage your offshore team – your way. We want to make offshoring accessible for you.

  2. There are no long-term contracts.

    Other offshore providers would require you to enter into a long-term contract, often for two or even three years. We are so confident you will be happy with the service we don’t lock you into a contract and instead give you the freedom to terminate our services at any time.

  3. We have a narrow focus.

    We specialise in niche markets and we don’t spread ourselves too thin. We focus on small and medium-sized businesses, particularly in the legal, accounting and other professional services sectors we know inside out and we know how we can add real value.

  4. We’ve walked the walk

    AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions started because our Managing Director, Airlie Maclachlan, needed to solve her own staffing expansion dilemmas for her Australian-based business and for those of her clients. So we’re not just bluff and bluster; we’ve done it for our own bottom line.

  5. We’re not a catchall, we customise

    We tailor our staffing solutions to your business. We don’t try to tailor your business to our solutions. There’s a big difference. We work with you to get you exactly what and who you need.

  6. We’re dedicated to staff engagement and retention.

    We use the outstanding facilities that our partner Diversify ISS has in Makati, Manila in the Philippines (chosen for its suitability to most western businesses). Diversify ISS absolutely mirrors our commitment to creating an engaging and positive workplace and culture for your staff members.

  7. We’re dedicated to staff engagement and retention

    Our simple and easy to understand pricing structure is invoiced in Australian Dollars and paid into an Australian Financial Institution.


*The AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions Guarantee is extended at the sole discretion of AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions (Tamusita Pty Ltd) and is subject to the Terms of Business (2015) and the accompanying Position Information Sheet (2015). For full terms and conditions of the Service Guarantee please download the Terms Of Business PDF.(available on request)