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Monday, August 1st, 2016

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The rate of ongoing demand for high quality legal and medical transcription has lead to AMBS Offshore Solutions (AMBS) developing an offshore transcription service, capitalising on our experience as a reputable provider of offshore staff for our clients. We’ve managed to combine experienced and reliable offshore transcriptionists with top quality assurance, to deliver a completely flexible, reliable service suited to all industries and their transcription requirements.

We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently offer service of the highest quality to our clients at a truly competitive price. This insistence on quality of service extends from our transcript accuracy guarantee, through to our commitment to offering the flexibility to meet client needs and provide clear communication throughout the whole process. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients by reaching (and exceeding) their expectations when it comes to the quality and the service they receive.

Of course, client confidentiality is of upmost importance to us. We have stringent technological and operational controls in place to ensure that the privacy of all our clients is protected during every step of our service, beginning to end. Our staff are all thoroughly vetted to ensure they exceed the industry standards required, and our up-to-date offshore facilities are equipped with 24 hour security, fitted with modern biometric entry and exit systems. Our encrypted file storage is at a level above the industry average, with multiple security levels in place to secure and back up all files handled by us. Whether in storage or in transit, all client files are under constant protection by encryption. By entrusting sensitive or confidential information with us, you are guaranteed that it is treated with upmost regard for security and safety.

To guarantee delivery of high quality medico-legal transcripts we follow the process below:

Client engagement

Our Client Services Team is based here in Australia to provide you with ongoing service and assistance and collect feedback in regards to the ongoing quality and accuracy of your received transcripts. We also provide expert training and consultation regarding the dictation and transcription process in order to enable your team or organisation to benefit from the transcription process or improve your existing process.

Offshore transcribing

Our team of offshore transcriptionists have over 10 years experience in legal and medical transcription behind them writing for Australian clients. They have the skill and knowledge to manage your transcription requirements, regardless of complexity. In order to maintain the optimum balance of value and quality, we utilise a combination of onshore and offshore resources. Our quality assurance (QA) is multi-layered to ensure that your transcript is delivered to you on time with outstanding accuracy and quality.

Client feedback

In order for us to continue providing you with the optimum combination of final product and service, your ongoing feedback is of upmost importance to us. By measuring your satisfaction, we can best determine whether our service continues to meet (and exceed) your expectations. As a result, we welcome all queries, suggestions and continued feedback from you in regards to our services.

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