How to select the right offshoring service provider – download your checklist today.

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

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Offshore service provider checklist

Choosing the right offshore provider can be the difference between success and failure. This checklist has been developed to provide a quick but effective analysis tool when selecting an offshore provider, specifically a high quality, long term solution for dispersed teams. It comes from the culmination of operational expertise and client engagement and will help you avoid some of the common pitfalls when offshoring, but also help you select the right offshoring partner for your business.


Engagement Structure

Offshoring entities come in many shapes and sizes, however they may not all be the best solution for your business. If privacy and security of client or company data is a key issue, then choosing an Australian owned company offshore will ensure they are subject to the privacy laws guiding the storage and disclosure of client or company data offshore. In addition, the Australian entity will be subject to the relevant laws in both countries.

Offshoring as a service makes managing your expectations and your offshore staff far easier when compared with engaging staff directly. The right service provider will manage all of the employment and HR aspects of your staff, and work with you to manage their productivity. The result is a reliable resource that can begin to add value  to your business quickly and efficiently. Your provider should also have the flexibility and depth of resources to provide a service requiring no lock in contracts, or unreasonable exit terms.

Recruitment Process & Human Resource Management

The adage ‘slow to hire quick to fire’ rings true offshore, and the right provider will take the time and collect the data needed to ensure your staff have the right mix of skills, experience and motivation needed to excel in their roles. Your provider should use a consultative approach to collecting the information needed to effectively recruit your offshore staff, resulting in an entirely customised and tailored solution.

Your provider should be able to deliver the advice and resources needed to prepare and support your internal team in integrating offshore staff. Critical to the successful integration and adoption of your newly acquired offshore staff will be your ability to secure your local teams’ buy in and endorsement. As in everything, there is a wrong and right way to approach this, and your provider should have the knowledge and experience to ensure you can prepare your team effectively.

Operations, Facilities & Security

Your offshoring provider should be a polished and effective operator, ensuring your team members have the support and resources they need to reliably deliver their skills. Their facilities should be safe, secure and professional, and biometrically monitor attendance. Effective offshore operations should manage all local leave entitlements, punctuality, and help you manage your teams’ development, training and engagement. Your only concern should be managing your teams’ productivity.

Internal operations within your company may need to adapt and evolve in preparation for your offshore staff. Your provider should possess the knowledge and experience to guide these changes, ensuring your offshore resources are integrated into your business seamlessly.

Financial Considerations

Your provider should be able to deliver a total annualised price for your staffer, inclusive of all the resources they need to conduct their work. Hidden costs and strategic pricing are common in the offshore space, Transcriptionst and your provider should have a degree of transparency around their pricing and be able to confidently communicate the value in their service.

Culture & Social Responsibility

Cultural compatibility is an important aspect of any offshore business unit, and the right offshoring provider for your business will have an internal team culture that is aligned with your own company culture. Your provider should take a progressive and modern approach to staff engagement, ensuring your offshore team are a cohesive unit and have strong job satisfaction. In addition your provider should demonstrate a strong, long term commitment to the welfare of their staff and their communities offshore.

offshoring service provider checklist