How transcripts improve medical and legal webinars and vlogs?

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

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AMBS Transcription Services provides premium offshore medical and legal transcription services. We provide fast, secure and competitive services by combining experienced Australian quality assurance managers with our offshore transcription team. Under this model we can deliver exceptional quality transcription services with unrivaled value.

If you are a medical practitioner or medico-legal firm, the task of typing webinar scripts and video blog subtitles can be a challenge even with the most organised business. So, why should you start publishing webinar and vlogs to showcase your medical, legal or medico-legal business?


A webinar is often seen as a cost effective form of both communication and promotion. It also allows one of the most efficient means of content marketing. It is easy to reach your target audience instantly and efficiently with this online communication tool.

Those who otherwise may not be able to attend such an event may still be able to participate as a result of webinar handout. Those presenting may have a wider reach for their message, while not having to worry about the expenses of printing webinar transcripts. In addition, these presentations have also shown to be effective in improving academic performance.

Video Blogs and Vlogs

Vlogs engages your visitors visually, and keeps them coming back if they find your business interesting. Video blogs are best for tutorial blogs. Tutorials blogs usually require a lot of text in them.

But the remaining question will be, Why should you transcribe and add captions to your webinars and vlogs? Video transcriptions and captions can be hugely helpful for better comprehension and increased SEO and views.

AMBS Transcription Service has the right mix of value and experience when dealing with the complex terminology and context of the various medical and legal reports, webinar handouts and vlog scripts. Read more about AMBS Transcription Process > >

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We understand the importance of your recorded interviews. We consistently work towards providing you a transcript that is accurate and with integrity. You will have full confidence that every transcription service we deliver are at the top-of- the line transcripts, knowing that a highly experienced audio typist transcribes your interviews and recordings.


Can expert medico-legal transcription improve your productivity?

If you are a medical practitioner or medico-legal firm, the task of typing and word processing can be a major burden and challenge even the most organised business’ productivity.



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