Benefits of PT Offshoring

Offshore staffing can really benefit your business.

When manufacturing first went offshore 30 years ago, it was an often complex and costly process, but the internet and technology gradually made it easier and now offshoring and outsourcing are commonplace. Business no longer has to be conducted in your own backyard. The sky is now the limit.

AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions gives you efficient access to experienced, flexible, low-cost staff in the Philippines and an opportunity for business growth and development that was unheard of 10 years ago.

Walk with us into the future. The benefits of offshoring, particularly in the Philippines, are waiting for you. Here are the big ones:

  • Dip into a skilled labour pool: The Philippines offers a large, highly skilled and readily available labour pool.
  • Grow without massive overheads: offshoring means you can quickly expand or add skills to your team without expanding your facilities, fixed costs, and capital outlays in Australia.
  • Increase your core staff depth: offshore staffing can increase your core staffing depth, freeing up resourcing bottlenecks, adding capacity ahead of demand, and increasing your customer engagement. Increasing staffing depth without considerable cost can be a significant strategic advantage over your competitors.
  • In-source external functions: Functions you’ve previously outsourced, such as search engine optimisation, telemarketing, and social media management, can be brought back in-house and be performed by your offshore staff for the same amount (or less than) you’re paying your external service providers. You boost your organisational capacity and get more control over the quality too.
  • Operate longer hours: We can recruit Filipino employees who will work night shift or to customised schedules if this suits your business.
  • Maintain market competitiveness: Internet speed and access improvements, cloud-based computing, paperless offices, and centralised data storage are simplifying offshoring. Those who don’t take advantage of offshoring’s many benefits might find their competitors do!
  • Explore new business models: offshoring allows you to reimagine the way you do business and the value proposition for your customers. This is particularly true if you’re in the professional services sectors where high-cost structures and hourly billing models are already under significant threat.
  • Focus on what matters to you: An offshore staff member or small team can free you and your local staff to focus on core priorities, such as strategy and business development, up-skilling, and fostering a culture of innovation and development.
  • Develop the careers of local staff: Managers who learn how to establish, manage and control an offshore staff member or small team will add a valuable skill to their resume. And your local staff members who have previously worked unsupported can have the chance to manage offshore workers and develop their managerial skills too.
  • Save money: Cost saving is perhaps the biggest plus of offshoring. So, what can you save?

The direct cost of an offshore staff member or small team in the Philippines (including AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions’ costs) is likely to be 40–50 per cent of the direct cost in Australia

Perhaps the more appropriate measure is to compare the total cost in the Philippines to the total cost in Australia or Canada (which includes rent, electricity, internet connection, salaries, superannuation, payroll tax, workers’ compensation, HR and IT support and so on).

Based on this comparison, the total cost of staff in the Philippines would be 65–75 per cent less than the total cost of staff in Australia or Canada.

How’s that for a massive saving?