Offshoring Realities

It helps to understand the realities.

Reality 1: The Philippines is a competitive labour market

You have to stand out from the crowd to attract the best staff, and AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions does that. A team member or small team in the Philippines is a valuable asset to your business but, like any asset, it takes some careful planning, investment, attention, and most importantly the right business partner to make sure it delivers.

Reality 2: One size does not fit all

We don’t just get ‘bums on seats’; we work with you to make sure we understand your business and what you’re wanting to achieve with your offshore staff member or small team.

We will take time to educate you and your staff about the cultural nuances of operating in the Philippines and we’ll guide you on all aspects of establishing your offshore operation, including:

  • providing an overview of the Philippine Labour Code and Workplace Health and Safety Requirements
  • developing your standard form employment contract which will specify matters such as whether your staff will work to local or Filipino public holidays, the number of annual leave days they will be entitled to, whether they will be required to travel to your country and how those travel and travel allowance arrangements will work, whether they will be able to work from home on occasion, such as during inclement weather, and so on
  • providing you with a detailed staff handbook and a quick reference guide for your Filipino staff, which will include your tailored provisions for engaging your staff
  • training your local business team on the cultural differences they will experience, the likely difficulties these will cause, and the tools and materials to help deal with them
  • training your Filipino staff in your local culture and how to work for you
  • establishing the position description, KPIs, and the agreed review process for each of your staff members and then ensuring adherence to the process
  • establishing a monitoring and reporting program tailored to your specific needs so you can monitor and review your offshore staff member’s effectiveness
  • helping you with the local change management strategy for your business and guiding you so that your local staff embrace rather than resist or undermine your offshoring efforts.

Reality 3: High staff turnover spells a failed offshore strategy

Three ingredients help to guarantee a successful offshoring experience:

  • successfully recruiting the right staff
  • employee retention
  • ongoing performance measurement.

At AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions our service doesn’t end once we recruit your team member. We’re in this for the long-haul with you:

  • We conduct six-month reviews for new staff.
  • We review all staff annually as part of our formal performance management program, at which time we agree and document annual personal development plans.

Equally important for staff retention and engagement is a fun and positive work and social environment:

  • Diversify hosts quarterly themed staff functions for all staff, morning teas for staff birthdays and new staff, and ad-hoc internal staff team-building events as part of their effort to grow and maintain a strong positive workplace culture.
  • Diversify also provides workplace training, and AMBS helps its clients with their formal workplace training programs

Together AMBS and Diversify offer a proactive, ’employee-centric’ approach to human resource management which sets us apart from our competitors. And the result? We enjoy extremely low staff turnover.