Motivating your offshore team

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

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Keeping employees motivated can promote productivity and positive work relations. Here are four (4) ways to keep your offshore team passionate in providing you top-quality service:

Set expectations at the time of employment

It’s good practice to give your employees a bird’s eye view of set goals or what the organisation expect from them. Discuss their duties, responsibilities, and probe for any questions they have in mind. These actions provide a sense of belonging and will motivate them to consistently deliver quality service. This will also help enforce discipline and accountability amongst your team.

Identify and resolve communication barriers

Communication barriers between your Australian and offshore team can cause a major setback in the completion of your company objectives. It is important to ensure good communication link between two teams for the smooth delivery of operational process. Make sure that you have exhausted all channels of communication, and that objectives, designs, and requirements are clearly communicated or interpreted. Use visual aids, screen shots, charts, and diagrams. Set up Skype video or audio conferences for group meetings.

Encourage continuous improvement for all staff

In order to stay above competitors, it is essential for any organisation to ensure that their staff’s skills and knowledge are relevant and up-to-date. Providing technical trainings enables your outsource team to address the most difficult aspects of your business. Giving them soft skills trainings in business etiquette and communication paves for smoother project management and escalation procedures. The confidence that comes from knowing that they have the right knowledge and skills to do the job well becomes apparent as the relationship matures.

Cultivate future team leaders

Celebrate small victories. Your team may not admit to the fact that they seek recognition for their hard work. Getting the proverbial pat in the back not only means that they have done well, but that you have approved of their job. Your recognition for their hard work is a card that they can play when performance review rolls around. Your most motivated outsource workers will work harder if they believe that a promotion or bonus is affected by your recognition.

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