Outsourcing offshore – enabling innovation to support growth

Friday, February 19th, 2016

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outsourcing offshore

Many businesses understand the necessity to innovate and are often very good at developing strategies to make innovation and change possible. But many never move beyond strategy and stagnate with an aging and dysfunctional business model, stuck in a shrinking market. This is because resourcing change in traditional markets is expensive or impossible.

Traditionally the realm of big business, offshore outsourcing or offshoring as it is better known, is now supporting businesses of all sizes from many different industry sectors across the Australian economy. The traditional thinking about offshoring has been in the context of cost reduction. Today’s thinking is about approaching offshoring as a way to enable revenue growth by way of resourcing innovation.

Offshoring is now considered as an affordable and flexible alternative to resourcing strategic innovation. Whether building your own web application to deliver services online or launching an app as an alternative source of revenue, if you can imagine it, you can resource it offshore.


Current innovation pressure points – digital delivery and accounts seamlessness

We see consumer and business demand for digital service delivery [think Uber] fuelling the creation of new markets, and pushing incumbent companies to adapt to deliver traditional services digitally. Many Australian businesses are feeling the pressure to digitise part of their service delivery, adding more value to remain relevant. However, the traditionally high costs of resourcing a digital service platform, or integrating a third party solution are often prohibitive.

Cloud accounting software solutions, good internet speeds and the ability to have a seamless connection from production to finance are pushing many businesses to innovate in their financial worlds. The combination of good technology, excellent procedures, a skilled local finance team and offshore production are allowing businesses to be closer to the metrics around their business performance and to better model future thinking.


Effective offshoring solves this problem

Increasingly AMBS Offshore Solutions is being asked to enable innovation in both the digital and financial worlds of Australian businesses. To be successful, this requires a consultative approach combined with a strong understanding of business strategy and strategic innovation. We are committed to building high performing, highly skilled teams that exceed the expectations of what a traditional offshore team can be, and truly resource innovation and strategic change in our clients’ businesses.

To learn more or find out how you can build your own high performing offshore team, give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.