Offshore Staffing Solutions

AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions provides you with the flexibility to find the right staffing solution for your business.

Contract – Short and Long term

We offer you the freedom to take on a contractor in popular key roles that are most commonly provided offshore. This allows you to determine if offshore staffing is right for your business … without any long term commitment.


Permanent part-time team members provide a fantastic solution for businesses seeking to reduce costs without making a full-time commitment. Not all roles are suited to full-time permanent engagements and not all clients require full-time team members. This option allows maximum flexibility in your human resourcing plan.

Full time

Considering hiring new Australian based full-time staff but don’t have the revenue to cost your new addition? Our Offshore Full-time candidates are recruited in much the same way you’d recruit in Australia, ensuring both culturally and professionally they are the perfect fit for your business.

Our Service is Comprehensive.

First, we meet with you to find out:

  • your objectives for hiring offshore staff
  • the skills you need your offshore staff to have
  • how often you need these skills – we can offer offshore staff on a contract, part-time and permanent basis in the following roles:
    • Paralegal / Legal Support
    • Finance / Accounting
      • Accounts Support
      • Bookkeeper
      • Chartered Accountant / CPA
      • Payroll Officer
    • Marketing

      • Email Marketing Specialist
      • Graphic Designer
      • SEM Specialist
      • SEO Specialist
      • Social Media Specialist
      • Web Developer
  • We also recruit across many other roles. If you have specific a skill set requirement or are unsure whether your desired role is suitable for offshoring … please ask the question.

From here, we develop a strategy for securing the right part-time person or small team and integrating them into your local business.

There might be capacity within our existing offshore team. If there is a team member who has the skills you are looking for, is the right fit for your organisation, and is available for the desired number of days, then we can have them working with you quickly.

If we don’t have a person who’s a good fit for your business from our existing portfolio, we will recruit someone especially for you.


Our experienced recruiters use multiple channels, including their extensive databases and local knowledge of the Philippines labour market, to target prospective candidates, who they then screen for suitability.

The screening process:

  • assesses language ability
  • identifies behavioural traits
  • tests work proficiency (work sample testing – upon your request)
  • performs thorough reference checks, plus medical, police and other background checks.

Once we have a shortlist of suitable candidates, you may conduct interviews and any further testing via video conferencing and make your final decision.

But it doesn’t end there. AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions continue to work with you to develop the right set-up for your team member, looking at:

HR/operations support

We help you to manage your staff well, and we use a range of performance management tools to support you and them.

We are very experienced in human resource management. We can help you to optimise your processes, motivate and guide your staff, structure your reporting requirements, and generally drive your staff’s success.

IT support

It’s essential to get connectivity, data location and security, and internet speed requirements right and that’s what we do for you. We work with you to get things right from the beginning and then we actively manage your day-to-day requirements.

For workstation set-up, we provide:

  • twin flat screen monitors, keyboards and mouses for every staff member
  • a dedicated ceiling-mounted internet camera for supervision
  • all software as required (standard package includes Windows 7 and its office suite of programs; other operating systems, such as Adobe, CAD, Microsoft project and so on, can be provided at your cost)
  • high-speed dual redundancy internet connections (we closely monitor your bandwidth consumption to maintain connection speeds).

As an option, we offer customised hardware solutions, which can include tablets, printers and scanners.

The Diversify ISS Philippines office supports the use of wireless technologies.

AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions owns the hardware your team member uses and is responsible for ensuring it is performing to your requirement.

Technical support

The Diversify ISS experienced technical support team operates around the clock. The team includes Levels 1 and 2 technical support staff so any technical issues can be dealt with immediately.

Finance and accounting

Our Diversify ISS team pays staff members and manages their leave and other entitlements. We provide extensive reporting and can integrate with your financial processes if required. We offer you peace of mind.

Facilities management

Attracting the right people in the Philippines rests on the same three prerequisites as attracting the right people anywhere else in the world—the highest quality facilities, an excellent reputation, and the right location. Together with Diversify ISS, we have all three.

Data Security

We provide above industry standard data protection measures for all services, protecting your privacy is our priority. Our teams are setup with contingencies to provide uninterrupted service in the event power outage or other extenuating circumstances.

Read more about Diversify ISS’s facilities

The Set-up Process is Straightforward.

Setting up your offshore team takes eight easy steps:

Define your staffing requirements

Together we work out what you need.

  • your operational requirements and your resulting staffing needs
  • number of staff
  • required skills and experience
  • detailed job descriptions.

You might already know a lot of this information, but we help you pull it together. We’ll also explain the Filipino labour market.

Set your budget

We use the staffing plan to develop a detailed offshoring budget for you.

  • staff remuneration
  • benefits
  • our service fee
  • set-up costs.
  • We base the direct labour costs on our experience of the Filipino labour market. The final cost will depend on the actual staff you select to have working for you.  
Agree on terms

We will send you our draft service agreement which clearly defines our terms of service. You will need to sign this agreement and return it to us before we can engage your offshore team. We will define in the services agreement the exact support services we will be providing to your business.

Develop your staffing plan

We will assign one of our operations managers to you and they will contact you to discuss your operational requirements.

Our IT people will work with you to ensure our local IT infrastructure platform is suitable, that the IT connection and data storage are appropriate for your needs, and set up and test any specific software you may need. If you have specific requirements for hardware, data security or the like, our Diversify team will work with yours to develop a solution and conduct thorough testing on it if required.

Complete your IT setup

Our IT people will work with you to establish your local IT infrastructure platform.

We will discuss your operational requirements, including:

  • working hours/days for your offshore staff
  • vacation and other leave entitlements
  • whether there is any requirement for your offshore staff to travel to your country and the circumstances under which this would happen
  • the proposed performance review process
  • training plan
  • reporting procedures and frequency.
Find your staff

We believe recruitement is the most important step of the process.

Depending on your staffing needs we will either have someone suitable and available on our AMBS books or we will recruit the right staff member for your needs. If we have someone available, they will be a highly skilled person who we have already hired to work for one of our clients. This person might have capacity to also work for the amount of hours you need and so it’s a happy match.

If we have to recruit, we will do that for you. Our recruiters use a standard screening process for all candidates. We have very high standards (we would far prefer to not put forward a candidate than to put forward a candidate who does not properly meet the requirements of the role). Once we have a suitable candidate for you, we will arrange for interviewing, further testing, reference checking and any other preliminary processes you require.

Orientate you and your new staff

As soon as you have chosen your offshore staff, we will arrange a time for your comprehensive orientation program.

We recommend that all managers likely to be directly or indirectly dealing with the offshore staff participate in the orientation program.

Give ongoing support

Once your offshore team has commenced, we will work with you to continually improve their performance and to deal with any HR issues that might arise from time to time.

Our assistance will include:

  • setting key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • modifying position descriptions
  • providing information to assist with reviews.

We will report to you monthly about your staff, covering matters such as their accumulated leave and other entitlements, attendance records (including a print-out from the biometric scanner of their start and finish times if you require), and any HR issues.


We provide you with one all-inclusive, straightforward, price. No surprises…nothing more to pay.


All costs are invoiced in Australian dollars from Australia with a tax invoice, so there are no offshore currency payments.



    Direct Staff costs

    Direct staff costs include your team members’ remuneration and all local on costs, including benefits, taxes and insurance.


    Service fees

    This covers the provision of all our services to support your offshore operations.

    Click here to see what is included in our services fee

    Services fees

    • Our monthly AMBS fee

    • All office facilities and amenities for your team member

    • All recruitment activities

    • All staff retention activities – functions, team building exercises, morning teas etc.

    • All HR support

    • All payroll and accounting functions

    • Standard hardware package

    • Standard technology set up

    • All IT set up and ongoing servicing

    • 24 hour technical support


    Special Tools Cost

    These costs are only relevant if you have any specialist hardware/ software that you require us to provide (i.e. for graphic designers/ web developers).


    One all inclusive price

    Nothing more to pay


If you are interested in understanding the costs associated with your new offshore staff member. Simply contact us and let us know your specific requirements and we will provide you with a draft quotation.


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