Offshore Transcription Services

AMBS Offshore Transcription Services

AMBS Offshore Transcription Services provides the premium choice in offshore medical and legal transcription services for the Australian market. We provide fast, secure and competitive services by combining experienced Australian quality assurance managers with our offshore transcription team. Under this model we can deliver exceptional quality transcription services with unrivalled value.

But of all of these, the concept of using offshore labour can be broken into two offerings and be best referred to as ‘offshoring’ and ‘outsourcing’.




Our Commitment to Quality

Our value proposition relies on the ability to consistently deliver the highest quality service for our clients at a competitive price. This extends from our guaranteed transcript accuracy through to our commitment to clear communication and the flexibility to meet client needs every time. We aim to build long term relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations for quality and service.

Our process features a combination of onshore and offshore resources to maintain the right balance of quality and value. We have multiple layers of quality assurance (QA), including thorough proofreading to ensure your transcript reaches you with outstanding accuracy and quality.