The importance of digital growth: Why you should outsource marketing

Friday, June 19th, 2015

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Your clients and customers are searching for Offshore Staffing Company, reviewing and referring your services right now, regardless of your participation. They are seeking advice and information from an expert just like you, and they are not alone. Your competitors are there also.

Maybe you find the time to produce one rushed content piece a month, but even then what do you say? How do you make it relevant and authentic? How do you measure and track engagement?


Successful Businesses are not always successful online.

Most successful businesses become successful because they are good at what they do. They are the experts in their field, and go above and beyond to deliver real value for clients and build long term rewarding relationships. But how do you translate this success in the digital space? How do you resource it? Whether you have an internal marketing department or you’re a one-man-band how do you know you’re allocating your marketing resources effectively? 

Whether delighting consumers or getting results for clients, you must invest in the relationships that will build your reputation. Your approach to digital growth should be no different. New and existing customers are all looking for value online, whether actively seeking information on your services or not, every interaction and impression is an opportunity to share real value. The transaction begins long before you’ve met your potential client.

The approach to digital growth must be unique for every business, and this approach is hard to identify from within. Developing an innovative digital strategy requires an intimate knowledge of the rules of the game, and the right combination of internal information and external resources. Attracting new clients and nurturing existing client relationships online are the fundamental objectives for any digital strategy, but each activity requires and completely different set of tools and tactics that are fundamentally reliant on each other.  Firms are often competent at either of these elements but fail to integrate them to leverage existing success to win more digital enquiry.

Outsourcing your marketing allows you to focus on what it is you do well, while you gain access to the experience and resources of an expert in their field. You can expect to accurately understand the return on your market investment (ROMI), and quantify this return in terms of both tangible revenue and market awareness & relevance. Often engaging a marketing professional will result in implications for your business as a whole, as the marketers lens often reveals realities and opportunities and in some cases may even change your approach to strategy.


Grow your digital presence and land more inquiry now.

Before you embark on a journey to outsource your marketing here are some easy wins you can implement today to improve your digital position.

Turn clients’ success stories into genuine and authentic content for your audience.

A common problem within firms is meeting the necessity to produce quality content. More than the just the classic testimonial, find ways to deliver client success stories in passive and informative manner. The right client may also add referral value, and a strong secondary brand association, helping to enhance your profile.

Deliver more content more often by curating a collection of informative and credible third party content with a common theme relevant to your target audience.

Quality curated content results in 33%† more click through when compared with posts directed at your own page – this is true for LinkedIn and other social networks. Curating the right content allows you to cater to your target markets interests. The resulting credibility will improve click through and conversion rates for your own in-house content. There are various benchmarks for the right balance of curated vs. created, depending on your industry you should aim for between 20-40% created content.