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Thursday, September 10th, 2015

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Those new to the concept of offshoring often have strong preconceptions about what it looks like and how it actually happens, they might imagine a cramped call centre or a lounge room in Bangalore.  The reality is that as is in any industry, not all providers are alike. AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions offices are located in the heart of Manila in the central business district of Makati. Makati could be considered the ‘offshoring mecca’, it is a 24 hour non-stop hive of productivity. The polished offices and bustling streets are lined with suited professionals servicing some of the world’s biggest companies.

Seeing is believing

For those genuinely interested in the possibilities offshoring present to their organisation, there is no better way than experiencing the culture, professionalism and energy first hand.  AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions offers the opportunity to travel to Manila as regularly as our clients are interested. You will meet our team, tour our facilities and meet potential candidates for the roles you are looking fill. Most importantly you will gain a sens
e of the scale and depth of offshoring in Manila, and realise that the opportunities are numerous and the risk, when dealing with an experienced provider like AMBS is negligible.


Real People

For many their experience with offshoring is limited to dealing with call centres for numerous Australian and multinational companies located all over the world. You can almost guarantee, that if you had a positive experience with a call centre, you were dealing with a Filipino.

The first and most surprising element of Filipino culture is their language skills, they speak exceptional English, this is in part because of their American heritage but also because of the sheer volume of Filipino’s who have experience working offshore for English speaking clients. As clients engage with our team in Makati, they are often taken back by their confidence and professionalism. This confidence stems from a core element of all Filipino culture, the dedication and commitment they hold for their job. The competition for highly sort after offshoring (BPO) roles is so intense, it not only fosters a culture of execution and performance but also one of innovation and initiative. Filipino’s are not task driven, they like to own their role and take delight in over delivering.

It feels familiar

Walking down the busy streets of Makati, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in the CBD of many western or Australian major cities. Makati has all the amenity and comforts of home mixed with a strong culture of vibrant food and at times traffic that is almost as bad as Sydney. Clients often build in apprehension of big Asian cities. But once the greeted with the warm disposition of the Filipino culture and the polished high rises of the impressive Makati CBC, these misconceptions abate. The reality is, it feels familiar because it is. Western culture permeates all things in the Philippines, with a strong American influence in food and entertainment, and the ever present offshoring culture.

The competitive landscape

For a rapidly increasing number of businesses in Australia, offshoring has grown from a possibility, to a reality. It’s important to remember that as in any industry there are a range of offerings across the competitive landscape. In the world of offshoring this extends across the geography of your provider to the approach and professionalism and culture in their team. This is one dimension that we at AMBS strive to lead. We combine diligent recruitment with job security and engagement to produce a culture of performance, belonging and retention in our team. We are confident you will delight in meeting our team, and experiencing this culture first hand for yourself.

If you would like to join us on our next visit to Manila, we’d love to hear from you. Head to our contact page to leave us an enquiry or call today.