Where is the best location for your Offshore Team in the Philippines?

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

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As more Australian companies embrace the benefits of offshoring it comes as no surprise that the diversity of offerings in Manila has grown to meet this demand. This growth has seen the addition of new regional locations, such as the former US Airforce base in the Pampanga Provence, Clark. These locations operate from a lower cost base, but present significant risks to unwary Australian Businesses.

There are some important considerations when choosing where to locate your team in the Philippines, regardless of your team’s size you need the right combination of skilled labour, reliable infrastructure and the lifestyle to attract and retain the best candidates. As the hub of Australian Offshoring in Manila, and home to big global business, Makati is the secure choice for your offshore team.


Better access to quality talent

Many businesses look to offshoring through the lens of cost reduction alone, when in reality true value in offshoring is found in the quality of skills and experience available offshore when compared with the equivalent spend in Australia. With this in mind regional locations such as Clark simply do not have access to the same volume of quality skilled and experienced labour when compared with Makati. With a labour pool 14 times larger than that available in the entire province of Pampanga [where Clark is located], Makati’s bigger talent pool results in shorter recruitment lead times, better recruitment outcomes and a far higher quality of candidate and ultimately more productivity in your business.


  Makati, Metro Manila Clarke, Pampanga
 Metro Population  12,544,687  2,476,306
 BPO Labour Pool  600,000  41,200
 Graduates per annum  120,000  9,870


Education at its heart

In addition to its designation as the CBD of choice for Global Business, metro Manila is also home to some of the best universities and business schools in the country, attracting the best and brightest young talent – most of whom hope to stay on in Makati securing employment in the BDO industry and enjoying the city lifestyle. Placing your offshore team in Makati will allow you access to a steady stream of quality graduates and ensure your staff can benefit from the vibrant city lifestyle contributing to a Medical Transcription, healthy work-life balance.


Superior Infrastructure

As the traditional heart of global business in Manila, Makati is equipped with the quality of transportation and telecommunications infrastructure expected of a modern CBD. The metropolitan population density presents some challenges in commuting, however, the quality and reliability of telecommunications infrastructure is far superior to that of Clark, and other regional centres.

Maintaining Makati’s rapid growth as the hub of global business and offshoring in the Philippines will continue to attract significant future funding in additional transport and telecommunications infrastructure projects. With a strong local economy dependent on global business, Makati will continue to lead the way as the secure choice for FDI in the commerce and finance sectors – and is the best choice for your offshore team.


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