Why should your offshore staff be based in the Philippines?

Monday, May 4th, 2015

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Offshore team in Philippines

AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions offshore teams are based in Manila. The Philippines has been the global leader for offshore staffing and outsourcing for over 20 years. This leadership is based on a working population who are well educated, tech savvy, reliable, with excellent English communication skills and who share many cultural similarities with Australia.

When you offshore with AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions you tap into this skilled workforce who are aligned with the Australian business environment.

The Philippines – culturally the fit right for Australian businesses

The Philippines has long been the best choice for offshore staffing. An American colony for of 50 years, American culture has had a strong influence on most aspects of Filipino culture including higher education. Filipino’s are considered hard working, task driven, and highly productive. Filipinos respond well Australian business culture, and can often seamlessly integrate into businesses. Filipinos consider consider jobs in the offshoring industry secure and valuable, so they are eager to please and highly accountable.

It’s the best value for your money

There are significant savings to be had in the Philippines. Wages are typically less than a quarter of those in most western countries, and local communication and housing costs are also about 50 per cent less. Offshoring may be less expensive in other countries such as India, but you may have to invest more time in managing the performance and cultural barriers. Compared with other offshoring destinations the Philippines is the best combination of price and quality.

Our experienced offshore staff are in fluent in English

The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world. Filipinos speak English with an American accent which is clear and easy to understand. In addition to exceptional spoken English skills the Philippines also boasts a 94% English literacy rate. With a high quality voice and video connection, communicating with your offshore staff member will be easy.

Filipinos are highly educated and skilled.

The public and private Filipino university system produces about 400,000 graduates a year, 30,000 to 50,000 of whom study in fields of computer science and IT. More than half of all graduates are qualified in business admin, marketing communications and other specialised areas. Our offshore staff are handpicked, and have the right combination of education and experience.

The Philippines has a good track record with an economy that is stable and growing.

The Philippines is an established destination for major Australian and American companies looking to outsource or offshore staff or services. Successful examples include Hewlett Packard, JP Morgan, Macquarie Bank, White and Case, Virgin, Baker & McKenzie, ANZ Bank, Jetstar and Telstra. Offshoring has played a significant role in the Filipino economy for over 20 years with over 4 million trained workers with experience working for foreign companies. Jobs in Offshoring are highly sought after, and well respected within the Filipino community.

Filipinos have a strong work ethic.

Filipinos have an exceptional work ethic. Employers can expect them to work lengthy hours without compromising high levels of productivity. They are loyal and dedicated employees who, if well managed, are likely to make long-term, productive employees.

The Philippines has better telecommunications and infrastructure than other offshoring locations.

Overall, the Philippines’ infrastructure (including power, water, roads, and telecommunications), and particularly that in Makati City, Manila, where your offshore staff are based, is substantially better than other offshoring destinations around the world.  There is internet connectivity 24/7, with fibre optic cable as a primary network and satellite as backup.

To learn more about the benefits of offshoring in the Philippines, or to meet a member of our offshore team get in touch today.